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Vertical Mentorship sign-ups are now open!

What is Vertical Mentorship? 

A platform that matches undergraduate students with medical students based on common backgrounds, goals, and interests; providing mentorship opportunities such as career development advising, role modeling, soft skills enhancement, and psychosocial support.
Our vision is to accelerate personal and professional development of pre-medical students from diverse backgrounds, holding the belief that mentorship should be accessible for all.
Our mission is two fold: Firstly, to provide a personalized mentorship platform for mentees to grow and accomplish academic and professional goals, thereby sparking interest for students to advance into a career in medicine. Secondly, to provide an opportunity for medical students to discover a purpose in teaching and mentorship, allowing medical learners to become teachers themselves.


Dive into the World of Medicine

Seminars led by mentors designed to introduce mentees to the world of medicine, providing a glimpse of what is learned in the medical school curriculum, and foster interest for mentees to pursue the field of healthcare.

Getting into Medical School

Personalized peer support sessions to create actionable goals for each mentee, having the opportunity for academic advising and learn career development strategies on topics such as standardized test preparation, medical school applications, and more.


Study Strategies 101

Workshops for mentees to learn effective study techniques applicable for different undergraduate examinations, placing emphasis on providing a safe space to exchange personal study strategies, and learn new ways of studying from peer mentors.

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