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Highlights in Medicine

Our Highlights in Medicine Series (HMS) is a special edition of the Speciality Series, where global health-care leaders talk about their latest research and ideas on “hot topics'' in medicine. The goal of HMS is to provide medical students exposure to the most fascinating topics and cutting-edge research in each of the medical specialties.

Highlights in Medicine Spotlight:

Psychedelic Therapy: The Future of Mood Disorder Treatment?

Dr. Roger McIntyre.png

Dr. Roger McIntyre is currently a Professor of Psychiatry and Pharmacology at the University of Toronto and Head of the Mood Disorders Psychopharmacology Unit at the University Health Network, Toronto, Canada.

Dr. McIntyre is involved in multiple research endeavors which primarily aim to characterize the phenomenology, neurobiology, and novel therapeutics of mood disorders. Dr. McIntyre has been especially interested in identifying innovative, rapid acting psychotropic treatments for mood disorders. Dr. McIntyre’s research has also extended into public health and implementation research at the population-based level.

Dr. McIntyre was named by Clarivate Analytics in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 as one of “The World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds.” This distinction is given by publishing the largest number of articles that rank among those most frequently cited by researchers globally in 21 broad fields of science and social science during the previous decade. Dr. McIntyre has authored/co-authored more than 800 articles/manuscripts and has edited and/or co-edited several textbooks on mood disorders.

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