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2. Train your Anatomy skills!

Struggling to remember if the Thyrocervical trunk leaves the subclavian before the vertebral artery or vice versa?

Studying Anatomy texts or static images can be a bit dry - use our interactive Anatomy quizzes and our new 3D models to feed your visual cortex and study with ease! Check out our quizzes under Basic sciences in our library. 

You can sign up for a free 5 day trial to try them out now :


3. Turn your computer into your own microscope at home! 

Can’t identify the structures you are supposed to find in your histo slide?

We made this easy by turning our slides into your own microscope at home including overlay features and Pop-up explanations so you actually know what you are looking at. 

Check out how to identify the portal triad in a liver specimen here : 

No access? Sign up for a free 5 day trial now on

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4. Access life saving information at all times - even without reception! 

Stuck in an elevator with a deteriorating patient and need to double check some acute management approaches or drug dosages? 

No problem if you have the AMBOSS app in your pockets delivering all the relevant medical information you need within seconds - even offline! 

You can download and use our Knowledge and Qbank app in the App Store for free if you have an active AMBOSS account. If not, you can sign up for a free trial on

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5. Check out our new drug database - embedded in AMBOSS! 

Your patient with newly diagnosed bipolar disorder is supposed to receive Lithium as maintenance therapy after an acute manic episode. The patient also takes Perindopril.  Check out important drug information like Interactions for Lithium in our new drug database before you start the new drug:

To access the drug database entries type any medication in the search bar and look out for the drug icon! No access to AMBOSS yet? Sign up for a free trial here

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6. Prepare for upcoming exams with our AMBOSS Australian Study guide - created with AMSA MedED

We have created a study guide that summarises all high-yield topics from the Australian curriculum and links to the respective AMBOSS articles: 

If you have a specific exam coming up, like Obstetrics, you can check out the relevant topics in the study guide, read the AMBOSS articles and tick off what you have studied already to make sure you covered all relevant contents and are well prepared for the exam and your future as an Australian doctor.

Enjoy studying - with AMBOSS!


1. Frazier's Medical


Starting off as a GAMSAT tuition company above a laundromat, since its humble beginnings,
Fraser’s has always had one purpose, providing the best support to get students into their
dream career and have a prosperous future in it.

Now providing education and support for 5 different standardised tests, tertiary tuition, interview
training, career & admissions support across 13 different countries & 60 different universities,
Fraser’s Medical still holds true to that core purpose of always putting the student first.

2. Frazier's GAMSAT

Fraser’s GAMSAT combines the best tutors with the best content to bring you an in-depth course for every student type. Having successfully taught over 10000 students in the last ten years across Australia, UK, New Zealand, China and many more countries, we have been able to design structured courses that motivate students to employ fundamental knowledge and problem-solving strategies for all types of questions. Our students consistently score in the top 15 percentile.

3. Frazier's Interview Training

Fraser’s Interview training is the premium medical interview training organisation. With tutors who have recently been through their Medical Interviews and Interview performance professionals, Fraser’s Interview has become the Gold Standard for Medical Interview preparation with 1 in 2 applicants as Fraser’s students and all students using our free resources. Fraser’s Interview is also the only organisation to provide University Mock Specific Interviews & Admissions Guidance for all universities by specialists from that university.

Princeton Review

pr logo.png

1. Discounts

• $600 off instructor-led prep courses (in person and Live Online), $200 off CFA and NCLEX instructor-led prep courses,
and 15% off self-paced and USMLE courses for members; 30% off instructor-led and self-paced prep courses for
board members.
• Total number of board members to receive 30% discount on classes is 7. Discounts cannot be combined with national
promotions. Board members taking advantage of the 30% discount must reach out to their local representative.
•Discount does not apply toward MCAT or LSAT summer Immersion.
o 10% off test prep and academic tutoring, and 10% off medical and dental admissions counseling (members must reach
out to their local representative to take advantage of these discounts). This applies to both general and executive

2. Strategy Sessions 

We present tips on how to succeed on specific tests of interest.

3. Guest Speakers

We provide guest speakers for your group meetings to answer questions on test taking, admissions,
medical school interviews, and the graduate/professional school application process.

4. Free Practice Tests

A free full-length practice test for each test type is available online. We schedule a “Test Day” where
each member takes the test at the location of their choice. The Princeton Review offers only one free practice test for
each test type.

5. Joint Promotions

We design and print ads and flyers for campus programming and organizational awareness

6. Webinar Series 

Members will receive special invitations to The Princeton Review’s premier webinar series

1. AMBOSS & ANKI - the ultimate study symbiosis! 

Save valuable time by using your 2 most favorite study tools combined! Download our AMBOSS & ANKI Add-On to review important topics during your ANKI session! 

You can download the Add-on for free here: 

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