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Canadian • American • Australian • Medical Student Association


Taking action on the social determinants of health within our healthcare systems by addressing unmet needs and promoting health equity.

A student-led platform that helps to address medical students needs

• Obtaining a global view of the different medical specialities

• Research mentorship & international research placement opportunities

• Resources to match to competitive residency programs

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The mission of the Canadian American Australian Medical Student Association (CAAMSA) is to provide a platform for medical students to expand their knowledge, network, and interest in advocacy, research, and medical specialization. 


Our vision is to invite alumni, residents, esteemed professors, and experts as speakers from diverse disciplines to show an interdependence of clinical sciences, basic sciences, and public health on addressing the unique needs of our evolving patient population. We aim to also address the social determinants of health in our healthcare system by creating projects to address unmet needs, especially for marginalized and underserved communities. 



From across the world, we will be hosting our speciality series, highlights in medicine podcast, providing important resources for matching (Canada, US, Australia), offering research mentorship programs, and mentorship opportunities at our Alumni & Faculty lounge to help all medical students prosper as our world’s future leaders.


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MD Candidate (2026)


Angela Kwan is a current Doctor of Medicine (MD) candidate and co-founder of CAAMSA. She completed her Master of Science (MSc) degree in Chemistry and undergraduate (HBSc) in Chemistry & Biology for Health Sciences at the University of Toronto.


She has a strong interest for basic and clinical science research, specifically in the fields of neurology, psychiatry, neurosurgery, and oncology. Her mission is to improve health equity within our healthcare system, and promote accessibility, justice, and advocacy.


Through CAAMSA, Angela hopes to provide greater insights for medical students on the different specialties and help them develop their passion. She also hopes to implement global health projects to help address the social determinants of health and enhance the educational experiences of medical students.




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Jacob S. Portnoff

MD Candidate (2025)


Jacob Portnoff is a current Doctor of Medicine (MD) Candidate at The University of Queensland and co-founder of CAAMSA. He completed a Bachelor of Science Honours at Queen’s University with a specialization in kinesiology.

His passion for the medical field extends beyond academia to public health, as he became intrigued by the COVID-19 pandemic. His interests inspired him to investigate and conduct research analyzing the effects of SARS-CoV-2 on pediatric brain structure and function.


Jake hopes to fulfill the mission of CAAMSA, by helping eliminate barriers students face in their path to residency. He aims to achieve this by offering students with the resources needed to obtain equitable opportunities, and by establishing relationships with physicians & researchers on an international level.

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